How to add text to an image online with is a partially free image editing website that allows you to edit your pictures in the most fun ways. You don’t need to register, so that’s a bonus.

The free possibilities are very broad, but if you like the extra features, add-ons, layers, fonts etc. you can consider an upgrade for very little money.

On you can literally add text to every kind of picture you imagine, as long as they are JPG or PNG.

Think about making your own

  • invitations
  • flyers
  • folders
  • holiday pictures
  • blog picures
  • party tickets
  • posters
  • greeting cards
  • business cards

Here’s the video for a quick show. I put all the steps below with pictures too.



Go to

Click on “Photo Editor”



Click on “Upload”


Choose “Computer”


Find the jpg or png file you want to add text to and click “Open”


Click on the “A’ icon on the left.


Click “Add Text”


A box with “Text Properties” appears on the left and a text box appears in the middle of your file.


Drag the text box where you like it to be.


Click in the text box to start typing.


Type your text.


Click on the font name in the Text Properties box.


Choose the font you like the text to be. Click “Ours” to use preset fonts from Befunky, click “Yours” to load all your fonts on your computer.


In the Text Properties box, the three buttons under “Color” are the text, outline and background color. I chose to remove the outline, so I clicked on the second box and clicked the box with the red stripe to remove it completely.


Then I clicked the first box to change the text color to black. Choose any color you like.



Drag the text box better into place and drag the corner handles to change the size.


Repeat from “Add text” to add more text boxes.


To duplicate text boxes, click on the text box, right click and choose “Duplicate Item”.


The duplicated text appears on top of the original.


Drag the duplicated text box into place. Repeat with other text boxes if you like.


When you’ve finished adding all your text, just click “Save”.


Click “Computer”


Give your file a name, choose JPG or PNG and change the quality level if you like (I always go for 100%) and click save.



Find the place in your computer files where you want to save your artwork and click “Save”.


That’s it!

Now get on and get creative!



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