How to realistically age paper

Being very fond of both paper and antique details, I’m grateful that there are so many great paper-aging tutorials on the Internet.

The only element that I often missed was the fact that the paper didn’t always look that realistic at the end. So I started studying old paper a bit more up close and I’m really glad I can share my results and ideas with you. Continue reading “How to realistically age paper”

Make your own custom collage sheets on PicMonkey

You can buy the most beautiful printables and digital collage sheets online, but sometimes the layout of the pages might not be suited to your needs. You might find the perfect invitation for a dinner party on a sheet with 8 different designs, but you really only need that one design 8 times.

Does that mean you have to waste tons of ink by printing 8 pages full of images of which you only need one? Not any more! We’ll show you how you can make your own custom layout with only the images you need on PicMonkey. Continue reading “Make your own custom collage sheets on PicMonkey”