How to make Halloween Apothecary Bottles in no time

If you want a nice Halloween Apothecary display but you don’t want to spend hours and hours crafting to get that authentic look, this post is for you.

If you do like crafting for hours and hours (I dig you), then you can get still great ideas to develop further on your way to a creepy display.

Old apothecary jars often have corks as their stoppers, but corks aren’t always easy to get. This tutorial shows you how to use simple paper to make apothecary bottle stoppers that look really nice, in no time at all.

What you will need:

° brown not-too-thick paper (mine came as sturdy tissue paper with my new shoes)

° water in a jar + brush

° string (I use kitchen rope)

° instant coffee, dissolved in a bit of hot water + brush

° bottles (mine are empty medicine bottles)

° apothecary labels (you can find them all over the internet, or go for the most beautiful ones from the VectoriaDesigns shop)

° glue

° cotton balls (optional)

° fillings for your bottles


1. Fill your bottles with the desired filling , or just leave them empty if you have darker bottles, like mine.

2. Tear a circular piece out of the brown paper. It doesn’t have to be precise, but it does have to be large enough to fit over the bottleneck and quite a bit extra.


3. Place the piece of paper on a waterproof surface and wet it thoroughly using a brush on both sides. The trick is that when paper is wet, it gets really workable.


4. Crunch the paper to make it look old.


5. If your string is kind of thick, unwind it to get a thinner and more tattered looking version.


6. If your string looks too white, dip it in the coffee solution to make it look old.


7. Place the wet piece of paper on top of your bottle and fold the sides down. Since the paper is wet it molds easily around the bottleneck.


8. Wind the string around the bottleneck and tie it in the back. Cut off any excess string.


9. If you like, tear excess pieces of paper off. This will show more paper fibers on the edges, which gives the bottle more detail.


10. Glue an awesome apothecary label on the bottle. You can find beautiful Halloween Apothecary Labels in our Etsy Shop


11. Splatter some instant coffee on your newly made bottle stopper and over the label to create stains. If you printed your labels with an inkjet printer, don’t go too crazy, otherwise the ink will run. I like to “paint” the torn edges of the brown paper with the coffee solution.


12. Let it dry. The brown paper will become stiff again.


That’s it! Your beautiful Halloween Apothecary Bottle is ready.


Bonus idea:

Before placing the paper on the bottle, put some cotton balls on top of or around the bottleneck to make it bigger or broader.


Happy crafting & lots of love



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