Make your own Vintage Style Hole Reinforcement Rings | TUTORIAL

A beautiful handcrafted tag requires a beautiful reinforcement around the hole.

However, most affordable hole reinforcement rings you can buy in regular office supply stores are white and don’t suit your lovely tags. For colored reinforcement rings you tend to pay a lot more and they don’t always come in the color that you want.

Why not make them super fast yourself, in the color that you like, for a lot less?

You only need

  • paper reinforcement rings on a sheet or roll (not the glossy, plastic-y type, it won’t work)
  • ink
  • ink blending tool

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If you want to see this tutorial more clearly, scroll down to see the video.

  1. Put a piece of paper under the sticker sheet to protect your work surface.


2. Choose an ink color you like and dab your ink blending tool in it a few times.


3. Wipe the ink blending tool repeatedly over the sticker sheet until you get the color depth that you like. It’ll start out light but gets darker the more times you wipe over the rings. Put more ink on your blending tool if necessary.


4. Experiment with different colors ink. And that’s it!


Here’s the process step by step in a video:


I hope you found this tip helpful.

Have a lovely creative day!





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