DIY tiny Cleaning & Decluttering Organizing Box | TUTORIAL

Are you ready for some cleaning & decluttering but don’t know where to start? This powerful DIY mini box will help you on the way.

A new year, new dreams, new resolutions, and – with springtime on the way – new cleaning & decluttering jitters.

If you don’t feel those jitters or if you don’t like cleaning and decluttering at all, this small but powerful organizing box might help you big time.

This kit is intended for cleaning and/or decluttering every bit of your house. You can keep using this box over and over again, for example twice a year for a deep clean, or to build a decluttering routine.

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HOW TO make Faux Metal Book Corners

This tutorial shows you how to make faux metal corners for your handmade books and journals.

Faux metal says it all: these corners are made from card stock. You can make them in any size or shape that you like, I’m going to show you how I do it, and from there on you can make variations to fit your wants and needs.

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