Honestly? You don’t need much to start crafting with paper. You just need paper and your hands, that’s it. Fortunately it’s SO much fun to add different kinds of crafting supplies into the mix to take your crafting projects to the next level.

The crafting industry developed like crazy over the last few years. Today’s crafting supplies promise to deliver professionally finished results, which make selling your crafts more easy than ever.

Listed below are our favorite tools we love and use to make VectoriaDesigns grow and thrive.

Favorite Crafting Tools & Materials

There’s a lot of paper folding going on at the VectoriaDesigns headquarters. A scoring board is just a huge time saver since you don’t have to measure each scoring line any more. Measuring. Who has time for that?

This light weight, easy-to-grab paper trimmer does a lot of precise cutting in a short amount of time.

Only the most used craft glue / craft medium ever? We love it. We would eat it if it were edible.

If Mod Podge is No. 1, Aleene’s Tacky Glue is definitely the second in line. Great glue for many crafty purposes.

This handy tool just makes every fold look professional with one sweep.

  • Circle Punches in different sizes

We don’t have many decorative punches, but the circle punches get used all the time. Cutting perfect circles by (our) hands is nearly impossible. The other kind of punches we use regularly are rounded corner punches. Those are handy basic tools to have too.

I (Tinne) gave myself this sewing machine as my New Year’s gift to myself (which I do every year) a few years ago. This is a great not-too-basic-but-basic-enough sewing machine for occasional sewing projects.

The next year I (Tinne) spoiled myself with this baby as my personal New Year’s gift. It does everything but making coffee.

Paper, a category on it’s own

  • Normal white copy paper: for small tea bags or labels you like to glue on a jar plain 90g/m2 – 20-24 LB (so plain copy/print) paper works the best.
  • Cardstock: if you like to make journals, albums, string tags, boxes, etc. it’s better to use sturdy white paper or cardstock to get a quality finish. For those projects I like to work with paper that’s 160g/m2 or a bit heavier, like this one: Printworks white cardstock (Letter Size). For A4 size, we love the Clairefontaine brand!

Favorite Office Equipment

I (Tinne) use my iPhone for filming and making photo’s. Brilliant! I actually have a Nikon D3100 laying around but I don’t use it. The iPhone makes quality video’s and photographs and weighs next to nothing on my tripod installation. The Nikon is so heavy it would make everything collapse if I make overhead video’s for our YouTube channel.

  • Canon Pixma MG7750 printer

A great affordable compact printer for beautiful results. The fact that it’s wireless makes it even better. This printer is discontinued, but here’s it’s successor, the Canon Pixma TS8050.

Small but powerful speakers to make sure we get the best sound for our YouTube video’s.

We simply love Dell monitors for razor sharp photoshopping.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

A designer’s playground that keeps getting bigger and bigger the further you go in. Awesome.

Favorite Free Online Tools

However magical and inspiring many crafting printables are, sometimes you like to alter a bit, add some text, mirror the image, etc. Befunky is a free online tool that lets you do all that and much more for free, so no need to buy fancy image editing programs.

Want to get creative with Befunky on the go on your iPhone? Here’s the app.

Get creative making and embellishing flyers, social media images, resume’s and much more. Why hire a professional?

Favorite Office Furniture & Organization

A crafter’s all time favorite for the craft room.

Instead of investing in an expensive shelf unit for my office/craft room I assembled pieces of Kallax (formerly known as Expedit) units into one large cabinet. When I felt the need for another table I simply bought the very inexpensive matching desk and attached it.

Very affordable metal drawer unit on wheels. Mine is tucked away neatly under the Kallax desk.

These fit perfectly in the bottom row of the Kallax shelf unit and hold a maximum amount of not-so-pretty stuff. I use one box for my paper recycling, so no extra box for discarded paper on the floor, handy within reach and not visible at all.

This rack keeps clip boards and folders with current project visible so I keep getting reminded of them. Plus it looks super cool and office-y like.

When you say Kallax units, you say Lack. These shelves match perfectly.

Can you notice Tinne is an Ikea fan?

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