Easy & No Fuss Bookbinding with Glue Tutorial

Bookbinding with glue is a quick and easy way to turn loose sheets into booklets, notepads and more. Here’s a tutorial how to get this done so you can start a lot of creative projects:

    • recipe booklet
    • diary/journal
    • planner (FREE printable pdf planner pages: A4 / Letter)
    • memorabilia booklet
    • old beloved letters booklet
    • manuscripts
    • gift card album
    • and many more

You need

  • A Book Press (see below how to make one)
  • Bookbinding Glue or PVA glue
  • Brush
  • Your pages (single sheets)(FREE printable pdf planner pages: A4 / Letter)


The Book Press

It helps keeping all the sheets together nice and tight while glueing.

I’m very lucky to have a dad who has a drill (more like five actually) and lots of wood leftovers. He made me this one:


Jennifer from Sea Lemon has an awesome tutorial how to make a book press using cheap cutting boards:


Making the book

1. Stack the sheets neatly. I printed the small planner pages double sided and cut the pages in half. Make sure to really line them up perfectly.


2. Put the sheets neatly in the book press as far as possible without moving. Make sure the stack of sheets is still 1/4 – 1/2 inch (0.5 – 1 cm) visible.


3. Put a thin coat of glue on the side of the pages. Take your time to make sure all the pages get some glue. I prefer a bookbinding glue that dries up clear.


4. When dry, apply one or two extra coats (leave to dry in between layers).


5. When dry, that’s it, you’re done. Yes, it’s THAT easy.


You can now glue the pages into a ready made cover or leave them as is.

Like to take a closer look? Here’s the same process in action in a video:



Enjoy and lots of love! XOXO



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